Jake Paul plans to fight again on Aug. 13 against a to-be-determined opponent

Paul, 25, started preparing again in March subsequent to requiring a couple of months off following his knockout win over Tyron Woodley in Tampa, Florida, last December. 야동사이트

He had said he had wanted to get back to the ring, but on the other hand was entirely dedicated to advancing the Katie Taylor-Amanda Serrano undisputed lightweight title battle in Madison Square Garden, which occurred Saturday night. Paul was in participation for the split choice success for Taylor over his contender, Serrano.

“Back in the rec center, back to preparing and energized, more invigorated and propelled than any other time in recent memory,” Paul told ESPN back in March. “You know, that was Chapter 1 of my boxing profession, that was my youngster season and presently I get to go on one more section here.”

Paul said in March he didn’t know who he would battle straightaway or when, precisely, the battle would be. At first, after his success in December over Woodley, he said he won’t battle for a long time since he felt wore out.

He said in March he was taking a gander at things negatively then since he had been in a consistent instructional course battle pivot. Also, he had his other undertakings too. Two months into his break, he understood the amount he cherished battling and chose to begin preparing once more.

“It resembled two months in, I was like, I was staying there and I had a revelation,” Paul said in March. “I was like, ‘I feel persuaded once more. I need to return to boxing.'”

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