Teen wrestler born without legs becomes state champion in Virginia

A Virginia secondary school grappler is demonstrating that any fantasy is feasible through difficult work and devotion.

Adonis Lattimore, 17, was brought into the world without a right leg, a halfway left leg and just a single completely working arm. Notwithstanding questions from his companions all through his life, Lattimore won Virginia’s Class 6 106-pound wrestling title, covering off his secondary school vocation in a significant manner.웹툰사이트

Lattimore’s wrestling profession started in grade school when his father observed a flyer publicizing a neighborhood wrestling club in Virginia Beach and carried him to a training. He was snared and realized he needed to go on in the game.

“From that point forward, I went constantly. I think about what kept me there was the cutthroat climate it brung and the companions I was meeting on the way,” he said. During his first year at Landstown High School, Lattimore was a territorial qualifier. Yet, when the pandemic struck during his lesser year, every one of the local meets were dropped.

In March, the secondary school senior took to the mat for what might be his last territorial match. However he was loaded up with adrenaline, he stayed centered for every one of the three-minute wrestling time frames.

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