Fox Sports makes Easter Sunday a NASCAR ratings success

NASCAR conveyed the most-watched race at Bristol Motor Speedway beginning around 2016 on Sunday night when a typical 4,007,000 watchers tuned in as the Cup Series dashed on soil for the second sequential season.

It denoted the initial time since NASCAR’s debut 1949 season the Cup Series was intentionally planned to race on Easter; multiple times before were a result of climate related rescheduling, generally as of late in 1989.야동사이트

It was Fox that had requested that NASCAR utilize its customary off end of the week to pursue an early evening occasion crowd. In light of Sunday night’s numbers, Fox needs Easter in its planning discussions.

“See, we’re excited,” Bill Wanger, Fox Sports leader VP and head of programming and planning, told The Associated Press on Wednesday. “We’re conversing with NASCAR about plans for ’23 and clearly that is important for the blend.”

Regardless of two late downpour delays, Bristol viewership was up 28% over last year’s race, which was likewise downpour deferred yet run on a Monday during light. It was additionally up 20% over last season’s 10th race of the year (Richmond).

“I like having the soil race, I believe it’s an alternate organization and clearly the numbers spike when it is on soil,” Wanger said. “Likewise the more youthful demos on Easter with the soil, we like the soil.”

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