Russian, Ukrainian ballet stars to dance together in Naples

NAPLES, Italy A Ukrainian ballet performer who escaped the conflict in her country and a Russian ballet performer who quit the Bolshoi Ballet over the Russian attack practiced on a phase in Naples in front of a sold-out benefit execution Monday night to raise assets for the Red Cross and champion the reason for harmony in Ukraine.

Regardless of that depiction, the possibility of Russian artists moving on similar stage with Ukrainians supposedly rankled Ukraine’s representative in Naples. The Italian day to day La Repubblica cited the diplomat as advising individual Ukrainians in the southern Italian city to evade the exhibition.오피사이트

Among the stars in the occasion is prima ballet performer Olga Smirnova, who quit the Bolshoi last month and is presently hitting the dance floor with the Dutch National Ballet. Another main event is Anastasia Gurskaya, a top ballet dancer in Kyiv’s Opera, who escaped the battling in Ukraine.

“I believe it’s significant experiencing the same thing, in this time, to be together on the stage. To do seemingly insignificant details, the littlest things, how we can help Ukraine,” Smirnova told columnists in the theater in front of the last practice. “This is the principle objective for us all. That is the reason we have arrived, that is the reason we are moving this evening.”

“My life is topsy turvy now. Furthermore, I’ve never been in Italy around here, and I’ve never hit the dance floor with stars like today, with world artful dance stars, and I am so amped up for it. What’s more, I don’t have the foggiest idea why this happened to me,” the Ukrainian artist told The Associated Press. “I’m truly blissful I am here and I can help and support my country with my moving today.”

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