Bruno Mars And Anderson .Paak Hang Out With BTS Members Backstage At Their Silk Sonic Concert

Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak got together with a few individuals from BTS at their Silk Sonic show in Las Vegas!

On April 1 neighborhood time, the two American artists both took to Instagram to uncover that BTS’s Jimin, Suga, and RM had all gone to their “An Evening with Silk Sonic” show the earlier evening. 웹툰사이트

Sharing a photograph that they snapped together behind the stage, Bruno Mars expressed, “Thank you [BTS] for boiling down to the previous evening’s gig in Las Vegas. Trust you all had fun! Genuinely, Silk Sonic.”

In the mean time, Anderson .Paak communicated his energy another way: the half-Korean craftsman posted a similar photograph with the excited inscription “SHEEEEESH!!!”

Subsequent to performing at the 64th yearly Grammy Awards on April 3 neighborhood time, BTS will start off the first of four “Authorization to Dance On Stage” shows in Las Vegas on April 8.

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