Korean pop star Luna readies for Broadway debut in ‘KPOP’

NEW YORK Korean pop star Luna is prepared to make her Broadway debut this fall in the melodic “KPOP” and she’s now longing for who may be there on premiere night like BTS.

“This is New York City, it has its own famous people and furthermore crowds who might partake in this. In this way, I couldn’t want anything more than to see New York famous people, as well as Hollywood big names,” Luna said.야동사이트

Luna was presented at a press occasion for the melodic Wednesday at the Korean Cultural Center in New York.

Luna started her melodic profession as an individual from the famous K-pop gathering f(x) prior to turning into an independent craftsman. Her most recent single, “Madonna,” was delivered in September.

“KPOP” recounts the tale of worldwide geniuses getting ready for an extraordinary one-night possibly show, when one vocalist’s inward battle takes steps to destroy probably the greatest name in the business.

The melodic has a story by Jason Kim and music by Helen Park, who has dealt with the show for the beyond eight years. She said she is invigorated that crowds will at long last get to encounter her #1 music type.

“I realize as of late a K-pop has been truly exploding and a many individuals love the class. In any case, when we began composing this melodic in back in 2014, I was so anxious so that the world could see what I see. Furthermore, I needed to impart it to the world in a language that everybody can comprehend,” she said.

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