Parents of Trevor Reed, ex-Marine detained in Russia, protest outside White House

The guardians of Trevor Reed, a 30-year-old U.S. resident and previous Marine presently who has been detained in Russia beginning around 2019, showed outside the White House on Wednesday to encourage President Joe Biden to do more to bring their child home in the midst of Russia’s rough attack of Ukraine.오피사이트

When asked by ABC News what they would agree to Biden, Joey and Paula Reed said they needed to help him to remember their child’s support of the region and to him expressly, featuring his experience as an official gatekeeper at Camp David.

“We need to educate him regarding our child somewhat that he hasn’t gotten from a report from somebody. Advise him that our child added opportunity to his Marine Corps administration so he could be an official gatekeeper,” Joey Reed said.

The guardians’ supplications come as the State Department declared another warning Wednesday cautioning Americans not to head out to Russia or Ukraine and making it express that U.S. residents in Russia could be singled out “counting for detainment.”

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