Luke Combs pulled from CMT Awards performance due to a positive COVID-19 test

Luke Combs was planned for the current week to record a presentation to air during the following month’s CMT Music Awards, yet those plans have been rejected because of a positive COVID-19 test.Brushes initially wanted to record an exhibition for the show at an undisclosed area on Thursday.드라마다시보기

“Sadly Luke Combs will not accompany us tomorrow,” a CMT representative said in an explanation got by “Great Morning America” that was shared Wednesday. “He is isolated with COVID. He’s freeloaded to miss seeing everybody!”

Starting at Thursday morning, Combs hasn’t given a proclamation about his nonattendance from the show or refreshed fans on his wellbeing.

It’s additionally muddled regardless of whether his significant other, Nicole, is isolating with him. She had COVID-19 back in December 2020, and on her Instagram stories, depicted her recuperation cycle as “severe,” saying, “I’ve had every one of the side effects, aside from a fever. It beat me up.”

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