Robert Woods says he quickly decided on Tennessee Titans when given choice

Robert Woods says he quickly decided on Tennessee Titans when given choice

NASHVILLE, Tenn. Everything met up flawlessly for the Tennessee Titans and previous Los Angeles Rams wide beneficiary Robert Woods. The Titans frantically required a veteran wide collector after they delivered Julio Jones, and Woods needed another group after the Rams marked free-specialist wideout Allen Robinson.성인용품

The Rams offered Woods the chance to pick where he’d get ready straightaway and, in spite of the fact that there were a couple of groups he preferred, Woods immediately concluded he needed to be exchanged to the Titans.

“They let me know I’d have something to do with where I’d be exchanged,” Woods said at his basic news gathering. “I did my exploration and talked with past players that were here. Also, simply having a relationship with Todd Downing and Rob Moore as of now from being in Buffalo. Then Derrick Henry, Ryan Tannehill, A.J. Brown … they’re a top-performing group and the Coach of the Year Mike Vrabel, so joining this group is gainful for my profession.”

All the more significantly, Woods’ experience figures to assist with filling the Titans’ quest for a beneficiary who can make protections pay for zeroing in a lot on Brown. To Woods, the recipients’ games complete one another on account of how hazardous they are the point at which they get the ball in their grasp.

Woods, a demonstrated veteran who has two times got 90 elapses in a season and furthermore has two seasons with in excess of 1,000 yards getting, said he won’t be prepared to partake in OTAs or minicamps while he keeps on recuperating from a torn ACL.

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