NASA head: We have cooperation with our Russian colleagues

ATLANTA NASA Administrator Bill Nelson on Friday made light of late remarks by the top of Russia’s space office that the United States would need to utilize broomsticks to travel to space after Russia said it would quit providing rocket motors to U.S. organizations.

“That is simply Dmitry Rogozin. He rambles off sometimes. In any case, toward the day’s end, he’s worked with us,” Nelson told The Associated Press. “The others that work in the Russian regular citizen space program, they’re proficient. They don’t think twice with us, American space travelers and American mission control.”무료야동

Nelson talked with The Associated Press hours before three Russian cosmonauts sent off from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan to the International Space Station, the primary team send off since Russia’s attack of Ukraine in February.

The conflict has brought about dropped shuttle dispatches and broken agreements, and many concern Rogozin is endangering many years of a tranquil off-planet organization, most remarkably at the International Space Station.

Other than taking steps to pull out of the space station and drop it on the U.S., Europe or somewhere else, Rogozin took care of the banners of different nations on a Soyuz rocket anticipating takeoff with web satellites. The send off was canceled after the client, London-based OneWeb, denied his requests that the satellites not be utilized for military purposes and the British government end its monetary support.

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