Stanford mourns death of goalkeeper Katie Meyer, 22

STANFORD, Calif. Stanford goalkeeper Katie Meyer, who notably drove the Cardinal to triumph in the 2019 NCAA College Cup title game, has kicked the bucket. She was 22.토렌트사이트

The reason for death was not delivered. Stanford previously reported the passing of an understudy at one of its home corridors on Monday. On Tuesday, the college affirmed it was the soccer player, a senior global relations major.

Meyer halted two extra shots to lead Stanford to a 5-4 shootout triumph over North Carolina after a scoreless attract the 2019 title game.

The local Californian stood out for her vivified festivity after the second save of the shootout before colleague Kiara Pickett bored her endeavor to hand Stanford the prize.

“Katie was phenomenally dedicated to everything and everybody in her reality. Her companions portray her as an awesome cooperative person in the entirety of her interests, from picking a scholarly discipline she said ‘altered my point of view on the world and the vital difficulties that we want to cooperate to defeat’ to the energy she brought to the Cardinal ladies’ soccer program and to ladies’ games overall,” Stanford said in a proclamation.

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