Sofia Jirau makes history as Victoria’s Secret first model with Down syndrome, The Love Cloud Collection

The 24-year-old Puerto Rican-conceived model is highlighted in the brand’s Love Cloud crusade which incorporates a mashup of pristine bras and undies for ladies of every single different shape and sizes.

Similarly as enthused as Jirau, Victoria’s Secret likewise imparted to “GMA” in an explanation, “We are excited to have Sofia included in the Love Cloud crusade. Victoria’s Secret is focused on inviting, celebrating and being there for all ladies. This mission was rejuvenated with an amazing cast of motivating ladies with special foundations, encounters, capacities, and stories.”드라마다시보기

Notwithstanding Jirau, numerous other unique ladies going from embellishments planner Slyvia Buckler holding her pregnant stomach all through the mission pictures to Nez Perce Tribe-Wildland Firefighter, Celilo Miles were highlighted.

The promotions likewise include natural faces, for example, top models Hailey Bieber, Adut Akech and Paloma Elsesser as well as Valentina Sampaio who became Sports Illustrated’s first transsexual model to be highlighted in the distribution’s bathing suit issue.

“Love Cloud Collection is a significant second in the brand’s development, ” said Victoria’s Secret head inventive chief Raúl Martinez. “From the cast of inconceivable ladies that rejuvenate the assortment, to the unbelievable comprehensive soul on set, this mission is a significant piece of the new Victoria’s Secret standard we are making.”

The most recent mission denotes a significant change from Victoria’s Secret’s past. In 2018, Victoria’s Secret confronted analysis after Ed Razek, the previous head promoting official for L Brands’ (Victoria’s Secret parent organization), told Vogue he didn’t figure the brand should add hefty size or transsexual model to its yearly design show “on the grounds that the show is a dream.”

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