SpaceX, NASA looking into sluggish chutes on last 2 flights

This image provided by NASA shows three of the four parachutes deploying on a cargo ship returning on Jan. 24, 2022. SpaceX and NASA are investigating a parachute issue that occurred on the last two capsule flights. One of the four main parachutes wa

One of the four primary parachutes was delayed to expand during the arrival of four space explorers to Earth last November. Exactly the same thing happened last week as a Dragon freight container was bringing back science tests from the International Space Station. In the two cases, the drowsy parachute in the end opened and swelled albeit over a moment late and the containers sprinkled down securely off the Florida coast.드라마다시보기

Authorities for SpaceX and NASA said Friday they need to more readily get what’s going on, particularly prior to sending off one more team in a little while. They’re checking out photos and investigating the parachutes for signs, taking “additional alert with this exceptionally basic framework,” said Steve Stich, chief of NASA’s business group program.

“We’re not underestimating anything,” SpaceX’s William Gerstenmaier, a previous NASA official, told columnists.

SpaceX’s first private trip to the space station, with three ticket-purchasing financial specialists and their resigned space explorer escort, is set to launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on March 30. NASA’s next space explorer ship flight would follow on April 15.

Authorities said the slacking parachutes additionally happened during advancement and in past freight missions, and could simply be a characteristic element of the different chute plan. Regardless of the sluggish opening of one of the four enormous chutes, the cases actually slipped at a protected rate, they noted. The drop information was close to ordinary, Gerstenmaier said.

Just three of four parachutes are required for a protected splashdown off the Florida coast, as per authorities.

Comparative parachutes are utilized on Boeing’s Starliner team container and NASA’s Orion moon case, neither of which has sent off space explorers yet. These, as well, once in a while slack while blowing up, Stich said, thus the aftereffects of the SpaceX examination will be shared.

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