Lizzo goes nude, teases a new track promoting ‘unconditional self-love’


Lizzo is sloping up the fervor for her new music! The 33-year-old artist as of late posted an erotic video of herself, where she was bare. The video apparently prodded Lizzo’s new track which celebrates genuine self esteem. Alongside the video she posted on Instagram, the Rumors vocalist expressed: “On the off chance that you love me… you love every last bit of me.드라마다시보기

You don’t get to single out. We ought to be genuinely adoring of each other, beginning with being unequivocally wanting to ourselves. Pause for a minute today and ponder the conditions we stick to. Free yourself in adoration. You merit it.”

Back in August 2021, the artist took to Instagram Live and sincerely said: “when I believe I ought to be the most joyful… . I feel so down. Like, I hurt so hard. Individuals saying s*** about me that simply doesn’t appear to be legit. It’s fat-phobic, and it’s bigoted and it’s terrible.

On the off chance that you try to avoid my music, cool. In the event that you don’t like ‘Tales’ the melody, cool. Be that as it may, a many individuals try to avoid me on account of the manner in which I look… “

To all the body-shamers, she said, “For individuals that just consistently have something negative to say about me, that doesn’t have anything to do with music, or the substance of my personality, or me as a craftsman, and simply closely relates to my body or anything that saying you think I fall into… suck my p** from behind. Because you all mother****ers going to be the ones that is making up for lost time.”

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