Mnet confirms the launch date of new season of ‘Queendom’ with a teaser video

Stills from the teaser

On February 3, Mnet delivered a little secret video to affirm the main episode of ‘Queendom 2’ which will deliver on March 31st. Already, the creation group of ‘Queendom 2’ said, “After effectively appearing in the music business with the worldwide young lady bunch ‘Young ladies’ Generation’ in 2007.

Taeyeon has been known as ‘The Vocal Queen’ with a different and rich universe of music, and has been one of the top independent craftsmen in the music business for a very long time.먹튀검증사이트

“Taeyeon is a delegate artist who has driven the worldwide K-pop world, and has a wide music fan base at home and abroad. Most importantly, she is a good example that lesser young lady bunches need to copy. We anticipate that,” they proceeded. ‘Queendom 2’, who have settled the MC, is booked to start recording in February.

Truth be told, the subject of ‘Queendom’ has prompted the send off of male icon forms ‘Street to Kingdom’ and ‘Realm: Legendary War’. Queendom is a TV program that broadcasted on Mnet. It broadcasted each Thursday at 21:20 (KST), beginning from August 29, 2019, and finished on October 31, 2019. The program is a rebound fight between 6 moving young lady bunch acts, to ‘decide the genuine number one’ when each of the 6 delivery their singles simultaneously.

The program went on for quite some time. The program included 3 primer exhibitions and 1 live rebound stage from each act. In the last episode of the program, MAMAMOO ultimately completed in the lead position, while Oh My Girl completed in runner up.

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