STAYC and NCT Dream are officially preparing for comebacks


STAYC and NCT Dream are authoritatively preparing for rebounds! On January 28, HIGHUP Entertainment shared that STAYC is right now amidst setting up another collection, and is meaning to deliver it at some point in February.

The office shared, “STAYC is at present moving forward the speed for the last leg of the rebound arrangements in front of the arrival of the new collection. The particular timetable will be delivered later. We request your advantage and expectation for STAYC, who will get back with updated music.”무료야동

The young lady bunch appeared in November 2020, with their lead single ‘SO BAD’ from their single collection, ‘Star to a Young Culture’. Following this, they delivered their second single collection ‘STAYDOM’ in April 2021, and with its lead single, ‘pronto’. STAYC’s most recent delivery was their first smaller than usual collection ‘Generalization’ in September 2021, alongside its hit title track of a similar name. Their forthcoming delivery will be their first rebound in around five months.

In the mean time, SM Entertainment has affirmed reports of NCT Dream’s rebound, sharing “NCT Dream is setting up another collection fully intent on delivering in March. We request your advantage.”

NCT Dream appeared in 2016, as the third sub-unit of SM Entertainment’s kid bunch, NCT. In May 2021, NCT Dream delivered their first studio collection ‘Hot Sauce’ which beat the Gaon Album graph, and the title track turned into the sub-unit’s first single to top at number one on the Gaon Digital diagram.

Following this, the gathering delivered the repackaged collection, ‘Hi Future’, and the joined deals of ‘Hot Sauce’ and ‘Hi Future’ crossed 3,000,000 duplicates, procuring them their first ‘triple million merchant’ title. Because of the achievement of their most recent delivery, assumptions are high for their impending delivery.

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