Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon to join ‘Queendom 2’ as host


Young ladies’ Generation’s Taeyeon is affirmed as a MC for Mnet’s ‘Queendom 2’! The creation group for the show shared the news on January 25, saying, “Taeyeon is a performer who has been at the highest point of the business as an independent craftsman for a very long time in the K-Pop industry, while being known as a solid ‘vocal sovereign’ with her vivid and rich melodic world, since her presentation in 2007.”먹튀검증사이트

They further shared, “Taeyeon is an agent performer who drives the worldwide universe of K-pop, and has a wide scope of music fans at home and abroad. Most importantly, as a good example for junior young lady gatherings, we guess that she will actually want to assume a different part past only that of the host of the program.”

‘Queendom’ is a rebound endurance show that previously circulated in 2019. The show highlighted an amazing arrangement of female symbols who took an interest in different rivalries, paving the way to the last ‘rebound fight’. ‘Queendom’ included Park Bom, AOA, MAMAMOO, Lovelyz, Oh My Girl, and (G)I-DLE as the members. The show was a monstrous achievement, prompting its side projects ‘Street to Kingdom’ and ‘Realm: Legendary War’, including famous kid gatherings.

Young lady bunch MAMAMOO positioned in the lead position in ‘Queendom’, and kid bunch THE BOYZ won ‘Street to Kingdom’, getting a spot in the continuation, ‘Realm: Legendary War’. Kid bunch Stray Kids in the end got in front of the rest of the competition in ‘Realm: Legendary War’, winning an unscripted TV drama for the gathering, just as a ‘Realm Week’ unique show.

Post the affirmation of Taeyeon as its host, the second period of ‘Queendom’ purportedly plans to start recording from the following month.

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