A Grim January Leaves Some New Yorkers Fearful For The City’s Future

A Grim January Leaves Some New Yorkers Fearful for the City's Future - The New  York Times

At age 54, Mr. Marcus is mature enough to recall difficult situations in the city, similar to the break wars that prompted large number of murders a year. While the facts confirm that shootings and murders have expanded starting around 2018, they stay a small portion of terrible days of yore New York. In 2021, there were 488 murders, contrasted and 2,262 at their top in 1990 following a very long term stretch close or over 2,000. 주소찾기

In any case, what Mr. Marcus sees today concerns him. “Things occurred during the ’90s, dislike this,” he said. “Presently a many individuals are biting the dust various ways. You have Covid, you have the shootings, you have the stabbings, you have individuals being pushed onto train tracks. At the present time, I don’t feel like it will improve. Furthermore assuming it does, it will take some time.”

In Corona, Queens, Amadou N’gom, 22, said his work as a Uber driver has given him an image window perspective on the dubious condition of the city. “We’re in this shaking boat on the sea,” he said. “We can make it work, however assuming another enormous tidal wave comes, it will hit we all.”

However, he has confidence: “New Yorkers will win in their continuing on mentality.”

Not every person appears to be so certain. In Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens, next to a cold Meadow Lake close to the site of the World’s Fair in 1939 and 1964 – glad showcases of metropolitan may before the whole globe – Eliza Xu, 50, stood and murmured. A nail salon representative jobless since the pandemic started, her consternation runs from the expense of scallions in her basic food item to the disquietude that has cleaned the tones out of her everyday existence.

“No expectation,” she said. “No gatherings, individuals don’t have to purchase decent garments, no cosmetics. Life is excessively exhausting, it’s tiring. We’re as yet not got done, in any case in the pandemic.” And then, at that point, came the demise of the lady pushed before the train, who was Asian American, a gathering singled out for disdain violations during the pandemic. “I’m apprehensive on the grounds that I’m Asian,” she said. “We don’t go out around evening time, we don’t take the tram – what else is there to do? No expectation, simply living.”

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