How A Wedding Photographer And A Failed Donut Shop Owner Got $124M In Federal Cash For COVID Testing

How a wedding photographer and a failed donut shop owner got $124M in federal  cash for COVID testing - Flipboard

Many inquiries are twirling around something beyond the vehicles and Syed’s new $1.36 million chateau. The requests are centered around a cross country chain of Covid testing destinations known as the Center for COVID Control, presently under a microscope by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Oregon Department of Justice and various state wellbeing divisions.

Test-takers at the organization’s in excess of 300 areas across the U.S. Have revealed the destinations to state and neighborhood specialists, saying they got postponed test results, no outcomes or numerous clashing outcomes, among different worries. The organization has the Better Business Bureau’s least client audit rating, and online media pages and Google surveys for the locales are loaded up with grumblings. 사이트순위

An administrative organization has archived various “inadequacies” at the organization’s primary lab, Doctors Clinical Lab, which has been repaid more than $124 million from the national government’s COVID-19 uninsured program, as indicated by open information. Private wellbeing guarantors were additionally paying the organization.

At its pinnacle, the organization said it was gathering in excess of 80,000 tests each day. The national government has repaid a few labs at a pace of $100 per PCR test. It was not quickly clear how much the lab was charging private insurance agencies.

While much with regards to the organization stays muddled, one thing is sure: Longtime business visionaries Syed, 35, and his significant other, Aleya Siyaj, 29, are behind the activity. Also – until ongoing days – they’ve been brazen via online media about their developing riches.

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