Worker At Vancouver Cosmetic Clinic Charged With Sexual Assault And Voyeurism

A man claimed to have captured and physically attacked ladies while working at a laser hair expulsion facility has been captured and charged after an extensive examination by Vancouver police. 드라마다시보기

The examination was sent off in 2019, police said, after a lady revealed being physically attacked during laser hair expulsion arrangements at Dermabella Clinic close to Howe and Smithe roads. Police recognized a second lady who was purportedly shot while bare during treatment at the facility.

Ali Aghasardar, 50, has been accused of one count of rape and one count of voyeurism for supposed offenses that happened among January and October 2019.

“He has a court-forced condition not to be separated from everyone else with any quiet or customer without one more grown-up present during treatment,” Const. Tania Visintin said at a news preparation Friday.

Dermabella Clinic presently can’t seem to react to CBC’s solicitation for input with regards to Aghasardar’s business status.

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