‘Squid Game’ star Jung Ho Yeon is the 1st East Asian woman to debut solo on THIS fashion magazine’s cover

Jung Ho Yeon posing at an event

Model-turned-entertainer Jung Ho Yeon turns into the main East Asian lady to be highlighted as the cover star of ‘Vogue’ magazine! On January 5, the rumored style magazine tweeted the cover page of its February issue including Jung Ho Yeon.

They likewise took to their authority YouTube and Instagram to disclose an extraordinary video named, ‘HoYeon: International Woman of Mystery’, shot like an old covert agent film, giving an intriguing prologue to her life and profession.

Jung Ho Yeon uncovered her musings about the show’s huge fame and her fantasies about seeking after a vocation in Hollywood! Jung Ho Yeon uncovered that she is as yet absorbing all the affection she has been getting from worldwide fans for the show and it has changed as long as she can remember a 360*! She likewise shared that she had for a long time truly needed to go to Hollywood and act in American movies and TV shows, is as yet open to however ‘Squid Game’ has adjusted her outlook and caused her to understand that at last it is the substance and informing that matters the most!먹튀검증사이트

Its an obvious fact that ‘Squid Game’ is a huge worldwide achievement! Inside the initial a month of its delivery, the Netflix unique series ‘Squid Game’ got a crowd of people of in excess of 142 million families from one side of the planet to the other. Alongside the show’s significant achievement, Jung Ho Yeon turned into a global star for the time being. She at present has more than 23.7 million supporters on Instagram.

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