Arkansas Twitter Account Dunks On Penn State One More Time

Penn State football trolled on Twitter by Arkansas after Outback Bowl

To the victors put in any amount of work. Also following a 24-10 triumph over Penn State, the Arkansas football Twitter account had a good time to the detriment of the Nittany Lions.토렌트사이트

Minutes later their Outback Bowl triumph against Penn State, Arkansas posted a realistic boasting about the Outback Bowl triumph, expressing that Arkansas had won each Outback Bowl, with the pleasant outstanding special case of each one played preceding 2022 (It merits a speedy note that this was the principal Outback Bowl appearance for Arkansas).

You need to focus on that fine print under the huge letters to get the full impact. Obviously, this realistic is a not-really inconspicuous hit at a past online media error shared by Penn State’s true football Twitter account last February.

Assuming you really want a boost, Penn State distributed a picture expressing Penn State had something like one player in each Super Bowl, yet in fine print added the disclaimer “aside from five starting around 1967). The College Football Twittersphere had a field day thrashing Penn State for the picture, and deservingly so.

Penn State later refreshed the picture because of the analysis, maybe enjoying a slight chuckle at its own cost simultaneously.

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