Aryan Khan Drug Case: No evidence of alleged extortion found, says Mumbai Police

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In a significant help to Aryan Khan, child of Shah Rukh Khan, the Mumbai Police on Wednesday said it has not observed proof of coercion regarding the medications on voyage case in which the star kid was captured. The examination has likewise been required to be postponed. Supposedly, the police have shaped a unique group to test the coercion point later Narcotics Control Bureau’s observer Prabhakar Sail had asserted that he had caught a telephone discussion about an interest of ₹25 crores from the entertainer. 링크모음

ANI tweeted, “Examination of supposed coercion matter regarding drugs on journey case stopped until next request. Mumbai Police had established SET (Special Enquiry Team) to examine and had addressed around 20 individuals. No case enrolled such a long ways as no proof found at this point.” To take note of, the medications case has been moved to NCB SIT and Aryan Khan has been calmed from denoting his standard participation in the NCB Mumbai office each Friday regarding the case.

A solitary seat of Justice N W Sambre said the condition forced on Aryan Khan while conceding him bail that he needs to show up before the NCB office each Friday is adjusted. Aryan is likewise not permitted to meet any of the co-blamed which incorporates his companion Arbaaz too. He likewise needed to give up his visa. It is worth focusing on here that Aryan Khan was captured on October 2 by the NCB following a medications bust on a journey party. He was allowed abandon October 28 and the Bombay High Court had forced a condition on him that he ought to show up before the NCB each Friday to stamp his essence.

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