‘It’s Not Cheese:’ Profeco Pulls Several Brands Of Panela From Market

Profeco will remove two brands of panela cheese from the market due to  irregularities - American Post

New, slighly pungent panela cheddar is a typical fixing in enchiladas, tacos, stuffed chiles and that’s just the beginning. Presently, agents at the government buyer assurance organization Profeco have revealed deluding marking by some normal panela marks and surprisingly an impersonation mascarading as the genuine article.성인용품

For the review, Profeco dissected 30 items including standard, low-fat and sans lactose panela just as a few impersonation brands. They examined fat and protein content and the beginning of fixings to ensure that “100% milk” cheeses were satisfying their name, and made sure that item names were precise.

They observed that one cheddar specifically was tricking clients: Franja panela, a “panela-style cheddar,” didn’t legitimately qualify as cheddar because of counterfeit fixings, including somewhat hydrogenated vegetable oil. While the Sam’s Club name of Franja demonstrated that it was an impersonation, in Chedraui it was sold in mass without suitable naming and could undoubtedly be confused with genuine cheddar.

The impersonation panela brand Los Pioneros de la V del Mu was dinged for a deceptive name portraying a cow, however the item was not 100% dairy. Additionally, Alpino impersonation panela was misleading marked, with “panela” printed bigger than “impersonation,” the review found.

The Zwan and Carranco brands were found to contain up to practically 10% less cheddar than expressed on their bundling. Furthermore maybe most worryingly, Panela Aguascalientes, Great Value low-fat panela and Los Pioneros de la V del Mu impersonation panela all contained raised degrees of microorganisms, showing that they were not appropriately refrigerated during transport.

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