Read The 33-page Pitch Deck That Landed The Gen Z Founders Of A Digital Résumé For Influencers $1M In Funding And Wiz Khalifa As An Advisor

Read the Pitch Deck That Got Influencer Digital Résumé Brand $1 Million

This PDF resembles a list of qualifications that traces the quantity of devotees, commitment rates, crowd socioeconomics, and other key measurements of their prosperity. Brands utilize these to decide if the force to be reckoned with is the right accomplice for their mission and to decide the amount to pay them.

Subsequent to working in content creation themselves, Kieran O’Brien, 22, and Casey Adams, 21, discovered that when most powerhouses send sponsors their media units, they’ve effectively acquired devotees and their measurements are obsolete, which implies forces to be reckoned with can miss out on greater brand arrangements and checks.먹튀검증사이트

So the fellow benefactors made MediaKits, a computerized list of qualifications for powerhouses, bloggers, performers, and competitors with continuous web-based media insights . Forces to be reckoned with can send brands their custom MediaKits profiles, which grandstand numbers across their Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Brands can likewise make their own profiles to advertise their organizations to forces to be reckoned with.

“These brands have restricted spending plans,” O’Brien told Insider. “Assuming they contact 10 powerhouses, they just have the financial plan to pay five of them.” The occupation is probably going to go to whoever reacts first, he said, situating MediaKits customers as the ones to get the arrangement.

MediaKits dispatched in August, partially through raising support, with a mid year celebration and execution by rapper Wiz Khalifa. In October, the startup shut a pre-seed round of $1 million in subsidizing.

O’Brien and Adams shared their pitch deck with Insider, including how they situated MediaKits as the answer for an issue in the maker economy and what financial backers search for.

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