Olympic Decathlon Champion Warner Wins Canada’s Athlete Of The Year Award

Olympic decathlon champion Warner wins Canada's Athlete of the Year award

Decathlon Olympic hero Damian Warner has adjusted an effective 2021 by being named the victor of Canada’s Athlete of the Year yesterday, months subsequent to posting perhaps the best score in the occasion. Warner turned into the fourth man in history to break the 9,000-point hindrance in decathlon and set another Olympic and public record with a score of 9,018. 오피사이트

He crushed Frenchman and world record holder Kevin Mayer for the gold, with his rival doing admirably to get back to the game later injury. Mayer’s record is 9,126, with just American Ashton Eaton and Czech Republic’s Roman Sebrle likewise breaking the 9,000 boundary. Warner’s Olympic gold was Canada’s first in decathlon. Media from the nation over were qualified to decide on the yearly honor given out by the Toronto Star.

He confronted men’s 200 meters Olympic hero Andre de Grasse, Toronto Blue Jays baseball player Vladimir Guerrero Jr, Edmonton Oilers ice hockey forward Connor McDavid, swimmer Maggie Mac Neil, and footballers Alphonso Davies and Stephanie Labbé for the prize. The seven were trimmed down from a rundown of 24 competitors at first designated.

During his decathlon, Warner equalled the men’s 100m world decathlon best in 10.12sec and set new Olympic decathlon dominates in the long leap with a work of 8.24 meters and the men’s 110m obstacles in 13.46. He likewise equalled his own best in the post vault with 4.90 meters. Following his prevailing success, he was picked as the Canadian Flagbearer for the Closing Ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

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