New SI Mock Has Boston Celtics Going For A Wing And A Big In 2022 NBA Draft

The start of the 2021-22 college season being fully underway means the start of the 2022 NBA mock draft season has begun in earnest as well, with our sister site For The Win having already leaped into the fray of the annual series of predictive publications, now joined by the first mock draft of the year from the folks over at Sports Illustrated.먹튀검증사이트

In a new prognosticatory article detailing picks for all 30 NBA teams for both rounds of the still-distant 2022 draft, SI’s Jeremy Woo has two prospects in mind for the Boston Celtics — a wing and a big man, two positions of need in the team’s current depth chart.

Something of a late-bloomer who took the JuCo route before he landed at Alabama, Ellis is a bigger guard at 6-foot-6 who has shot the ball at least 60% from the field in both seasons he’s played with Alabama and has a career NCAA 3-point rate of 39.7%.

A mobile big able to play either frontcourt position at lower levels of play with some handles, rim-protection, and ability to score in the post, Foster still has work to do away from the basket, though he has potential.

He’s got a high motor and passes and defends well, but his work-in-progress shooting and shorter stature (6-foot-9) suggest he’ll likely play the five at the NBA level in switcher defenses.

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