HANDUP Hucks It Into The Holidays With New Cold Weather Gloves

HANDUP is known for their fun, energetic line of gloves that highlight splendid plans and trademarks for the rider that needs to say something, and perform well. Recently, HANDUP cooperated with double cross National Downhill champ Neko Mulally to make the ideal race glove.성인용품

These mid-weight gloves may not be customized to first class downhillers, yet they are comfortable on riders who plan to overcome the steadily diving temperatures over the colder time of year. The most recent chilly climate line from Handup incorporates three plans: Blizzard Bolts, Olive Cascade and Golden Hour.

The Blizzard Bolts configuration accompanies the attempted and tried “SEND IT” line across the palms. The Olive Cascade glove’s palms read “SHRED,” while the Golden Hour configuration includes a gentler “Great VIBES” to go with its quieting dusk shades.

Ordinary HANDUP gloves are situated at the wrist with a flexible band that stretches to fit over the hand. They likewise accompany silicone designs on the palm and fingers for more grasp and a towel sweat material on the thumb to clear flotsam and jetsam, tears, or whatever from your eyes and face.

The Cold Weather gloves highlight a wool inside, and a lengthy neoprene sleeve at the wrist for more protection. These gloves likewise come furnished with HANDUP’s FULLTOUCH touchscreen innovation joined into the whole palm of the glove, making telephones simpler to access without peeling off the glove.

The gloves are expected for crisp mornings and evenings, and for rides with critical actual yield. Where your body can warm itself. For colder temperatures, HANDUP likewise offers a line of ColdER gloves.

HANDUP has your feet covered as well. Every one of the chilly climate plans has a coordinating with all-temperature fleece sock accessible. The socks have a built up heel and toe and athletic cut curve support. They are produced using a mix of 62% Merino Wool, 30% Nylon and 8% spandex. HANDUP says these socks are adequately flimsy to be worn in all climate conditions.

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