Jumanji Producer Says The Next Movie Is Coming Sooner Rather Than Later

With the initial two portions acquiring more than $1.7 billion in the cinema world and winning solid notification from the two fans and pundits, Jumanji is serenely Sony’s most worthwhile property that isn’t gotten from Marvel Comics.

Truth be told, Welcome to the Jungle and The Next Level position among the studio’s ten most noteworthy earning titles ever, and they’re the main two that aren’t essential for either the James Bond, Spider-Man or Venom establishments, so you can ensure that the ridiculously fruitful reboots are a long way from being finished.드라마다시보기

Kevin Hart said another Jumanji was most certainly occurring, despite the fact that Karen Gillan conceded that she knew nothing about it, however maker Hiram Garcia has prodded in a meeting with ComicBook that it’s going on sooner than we may might suspect, possibly just after star Dwayne Johnson and chief Jake Kasdan wrap up on Amazon’s vacation themed blockbuster Red One.

“We have a truly fun pitch. We’re really preparing to take it to Sony to allow them to hear what we’ve been concocting. We have a major vision for the following Jumanji film. So we’re started up for that. We’re taking it in soon. What’s more, clearly the objective is at some point after.

Jake is doing Red One for us, so that will be following up. However, at some point after Red One comes out, Jumanji will be at hand. I feel like we’ll have everything prepared by then, at that point, and we’ll have the option to get into that third portion. It will be acceptable, man. It’s truly, it’s fun and it’s keen. It’s a truly keen take. Also, Jake has been initiating that, and he’s splendid.”

There’s most certainly a group of people for more Jumanji, with the computer game roused activity comedies ending up much better and significantly more charming than they truly reserved any privilege to be, with the focal group of four of Johnson, Hart, Gillan and Jack Black creating an evident science. Sony are exceptionally light on attractive IPs that don’t spin around Spider-Man, so the meeting room were continually going to push for additional excursions to continue to drain that gold mine.

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