Jennie From Blackpink’s Quirky Home & Where To Shop For Her Same Decor

The 25-year old artist shot to acclaim as an individual from Blackpink, the four-part young lady bunch that has been causing ripple effects since their presentation back in 2016. Named “Human Chanel” by fans, she was likewise articulated as the Maison’s home representative back in June this year.

However, aside from her sharp feeling of style, Jennie has been standing out enough to be noticed for something different: the inside plan of her home.토렌트사이트

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The artist provided fans with a smaller than usual visit through her house by means of her own YouTube channel this year, and the four-minute basic video brought watchers along to regions like her room and residing space. Presently, we don’t know what you anticipated from her residing space, yet the multi-join is supposed to be residing in the UN Village situated in the Hannam area, a region where a considerable lot of the very much obeyed in Seoul dwell in.

Yet, what’s an alluring home without an inside to coordinate with it with? Jennie’s been spotted with a lot of famous pieces, including decorations from Swedish furniture architect Gustaf Westman, just as bulbous, round-cornered sofas from both Roche Bobois and B&B Italia.

In case you’re expecting to cop a piece or two from Jennie’s home inside, you’ve tracked down your kin. While we couldn’t really head inside her home (future welcomes are very gladly received!) we took to her social pages to suss out every one of the pieces from her photos, and where you can get them from.

Breathtaking Mirror

In case you’re into squiggle insides, congrats: you presently share something for all intents and purpose with Jennie. Her Curvy Mirror from Gustaf Westman is in an awesome, pastel fly of pink that achieves a huge load of daylight in a generally pared-back room, and we love the delightful way it adds a pleasant aspect to a standard mirror selfie.

Awe-inspiring Table

The Curvy Mirror isn’t the main thing from Gustaf Westman that Jennie has. To impeccably supplement the merry pink mirror is the Curvy Table — in a similar shading, no less. The ideal prop to any authentic I’m-telecommuting selfie, the pastel table is handmade in Sweden with wood and is lacquered for a semi-matte completion.

Lipsticks Toiletpaper Mirror

We’re fixated on the Seletti Lipsticks Toiletpaper Mirror that Jennie has. It’s fun, it’s eccentric and it’s beginning and end we need and need. A hybrid of a mirror and a canvas, the cheerful number doesn’t simply wind up in Jennie’s house, it’s additionally included in another Blackpink part, Rose’s home as well.

Haller 2-Tier Storage

It might have just showed up at the edge of Jennie’s selfie, however the notorious plan of the USM Haller can’t get away from our eyes. For the unenlightened, the USM Haller is an exemplary plan by famous Swiss producer USM Modular Furniture, popular for its spotless lines and unending customisation prospects. Other than tracking down a home in Jennie’s place, the USM Haller is likewise remembered as a component of a super durable assortment for New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Air pocket Sofa bubble couch

Any reasonable person would agree that Jennie loves her pastels. Aside from the exquisite pinks from Gustaf Westman, her own Bubble Sofa from Roche Bobois is additionally in a carefree shade of blue (the shading is called Marine on the site).


From Jennie’s decision of the Bubble Sofa, you can see she’s not one for normal love seats with regards to relaxing. The adjusted forms of the Camaleonda, first planned by Mario Bellini, is demonstration of that. It was once important for an inside plan wave that supported ease on the eye when it was first conceptualized during the 1970s, and it likewise gives an inconceivable measure of solace for its clients, regardless of whether they are sitting or resting.

Tiled table

We don’t know where Jennie got her tiled control center from, yet it doesn’t remove the way that we’re fixated on it. Tiled tables are on the whole the fury these days as well, and they make for incredible DIY project assuming you’re available. Try not to need to take care of business? Nearby store Studio JAM handcrafts these wonders in a huge number of tones, and you can get in touch with them to alter one of your own as well.

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