G-Eazy & Demi Lovato Confront Their Most Harrowing Headlines In ‘Breakdown’ Video

G-Eazy and Demi Lovato face their own evil spirits and go through an equal “Breakdown” for their most recent coordinated effort.

The Daniel CZ-coordinated music video first catches G-Eazy and Lovato encountering the features they’ve made throughout the long term, from Lovato’s 2018 heroin excess to G-Eazy’s 2018 capture on charges of attack, drug ownership and opposing capture at a Swedish club, which show up on the mirrors before the craftsmen. 링크사이트

(G-Eazy stood out as truly newsworthy this week after he was captured and charged Monday for supposedly attacking two men outside of a New York lodging however was subsequently delivered.)

The “No Restriction” MC keeps watching his features work out on the TV in his rumpled room, waiting around in chaos while seriously rapping, “Been battling my evil spirits, however they ain’t battling reasonable/But I continue saying that ‘Everything’s okay, I swear’/All alone in a dull space, ain’t no light in there/What’s f—ed up is I may really like it there.”

Meanwhile, the Dancing With the Devil artist argues in the crude ensemble, “I’m in a breakdown, child I need you/I need you/Oh, I’m in a tempest currently, child/I need you/I need you to come over, disclose to me this’ll be finished,” while the features explicit to them insult Lovato all around the dividers in the following room.

However, Lovato and G-Eazy demonstrate they can bear their own tempests together.

The Grammy-assigned pop star implied “huge things coming” with G-Eazy when they posted an image of the two craftsmen while on set of the “Breakdown” music video back in August. “Breakdown” will be included on the Bay Area rapper’s impending collection, These Things Happen Too, which is expected Sept. 24 by means of BPG/RVG/RCA Records. It will fill in as the spin-off of his 2014 collection These Things Happen, which crested at No. 3 on the Billboard 200.

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