Lee Jong-suk, SNSD’s YoonA To Star In ‘Big Mouth’

Lee Jong-suk and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA are set to star in the impending dramatization series Big Mouth.

As indicated by a Soompi report on Wednesday, September 1, Big Mouth is a hard-bubbled noir dramatization about a disappointing rate legal advisor named Park Chang-ho, who turned into a virtuoso rascal short-term in the wake of getting erroneously engaged with a homicide case.무료야동

Jong-suk will play legal advisor Park Chang-ho who has a 10% achievement rate for the situation he handles. He is known as “Motor Mouth” among his legitimate associates yet at some point, he gets mixed up as the virtuoso conman who passes by the moniker “Enormous Mouse.” Chang-ho’s life is placed in harm’s way and to endure, he should uncover an immense intrigue about those engaged with the case.

In the mean time, Chang-ho’s significant other, nurture Go Mi-ho (played by YoonA) will do all that she can to demonstrate that her better half isn’t a conman.

Lodging de Luna, Start Up’s Oh Choong-hwan will rudder Big Mouth while Vagabond scholars Jang Young-chul and Jung Kyung-before long are recorded as makers.

Loud Mouth additionally fills in as Jong-suk’s first show series since his tactical release in January 2021. His last show, Romance Is A Bonus Book, circulated from January to March 2019, preceding he enrolled in March of that year. Jong-suk is most popular for his parts in the series Pinocchio, Doctor Stranger, and keeping in mind that You Were Sleeping.

YoonA appeared as an individual from K-pop young lady bunch Girls’ Generation, otherwise called SNSD, in 2007. As an entertainer, she featured in dramatization series Hush, Love Rain, You Are My Destiny, and The K2.

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