Norway Oil Giant May Have Drilled Its Last Well In The Barents Sea

“The Barents Sea isn’t a space of center for Aker BP and we don’t have any substantial designs for additional penetrating of investigation wells nearby,” Aker BP representative Ole Johan Faret said in an email.

Norway, Western Europe’s greatest oil maker, has over half of its recoverable assets still in the ground, as indicated by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate. The Barents Sea presumably holds a large portion of that, yet there’s just one oil field and one gas field as of now delivering.토렌트사이트

Aker BP, which is 40% claimed by extremely rich person Kjell Inge Rokke and 30% by BP Plc, bored two baffling wells in the space this late spring. One of those hit hydrocarbons, however isn’t considered beneficial, Faret said. The organization actually has a few responsibilities left in its licenses in the Barents Sea, however has no further wells to penetrate.

Following quite a while of energy about what Norway’s High North may hold, interest has dwindled as of late. In 2013, upwards of 26 organizations applied for new land when boondocks regions for the business were advertised. This year, a comparable round pulled in only seven. Aker BP was not among the candidates.

With dull outcomes from investigation in outskirts regions imprinting revenue, general decisions on Sept. 13 may likewise see the Barents succumb to political need. While the greatest gatherings are quick to keep up with the line on oil and gas boring approach, they are probable going to have rely upon the collaboration of more modest gatherings to shape an administration. A potential alliance between the Labor Party and the Socialist Left might see grants of new grounds in outskirts regions rejected, while investigation in develop regions proceeds.

That could be an outcome that the business could live with. While there will in any case be interest in the Barents Sea, oil major Equinor ASA has said that its primary center will be around adult regions.

“We don’t avoid new regions, however we see that it’s around the full grown regions that we’re right now making disclosures,” Anders Opedal, CEO of Equinor, revealed to Bloomberg recently.

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