Jackie Chan Takes On Hyun Bin This 9.9 In Battle Of Online Shopping Ads

Who’s your pick: Jackie Chan or Hyun Bin?

This Sept 9, internet shopping stages Shopee and Lazada are putting it all out there and getting the greatest names in Asian showbiz to front their missions.

Indeed, truth can be stranger than fiction. Here is Jackie donning Shopee’s particular tones and making something happen to the tune of Baby Shark in the 30-sec-long promotion (with some kungfu moves tossed in, obviously).

In the interim, Hyun Bin’s totally prepared and directing significant Crash Landing On You flows as he coordinates a whirlwind of package airdrops in Lazada’s video.먹튀검증사이트

Kungfu legend or running oppa, who will win?

Jackie and Hyun Bin join a developing rundown of big names advancing the two online stages’ shopping celebrations.

In 2018, K-pop young lady bunch Blackpink hit customers with that ‘ddu-du ddu du’ as Shopee’s first local brand represetative (and stumbled into some difficulty in Indonesia over their executioner closet).

After a year, prestigious footballer Cristiano Ronaldo caused a commotion of football fans as he moved and tapped on his cell phone in a Shopee promotion.

The brand additionally went hyperlocal, joining the absolute greatest easily recognized names in Singapore: Phua Chu Kang (played by Gurmit Singh) who told customers “don’t play on super shopping day” and Mark Lee.

Lazada, then again, set customers’ hearts vacillating by declaring K-dramatization entertainer Lee Min-ho as its first territorial brand minister in 2020.

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