LiAngelo Ball Scores 8 Points As Hornets Lose To Raptors In NBA Summer League Action

LiAngelo Ball’s journey to acquire a spot on the Charlotte Hornets close by his sibling LaMelo proceeded with an eight-point exertion off the seat on Saturday as the Toronto Raptors got a 80-79 triumph at the Las Vegas Summer League.

Ball went 3-of-8 from the field with two three-pointerQs, one take and one bounce back shortly as the Hornets dropped their fourth consecutive show challenge.

It’s the subsequent straight challenge Ball got done with eight focuses after he scored 16 on 10 field objective endeavors in his Summer League debut. However the 22-year-old more than stood his ground against an enormous Raptors setup including No. 4 in general pick Scottie Barnes, who got done with a game-high 23-focuses, five bounce back and four helps.성인용품

Barnes played 30 minutes and got somewhat more run with his frontcourt mate in Precious Achiuwa, who came over from the Miami Heat in a sign-and-exchange for Kyle Lowry.

Achiuwa went 8-of-14 from the field with 18 focuses and six sheets in the success. Yet, it was Barnes who scored an immense dunk with 20 seconds staying in guideline to hitch the game at 79. Dalano Banton (seven focuses) would go onto seal the success two seconds after the fact by taking the inbounds pass and promptly drawing a foul. In the wake of missing the main free toss, the point watch depleted his second to assist with getting the success.

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