Serie A Expert Conor Clancy Urges Chelsea To Join Race For Robin Gosens

Chelsea should sign Robin Gosens as they hope to expand on their Champions League achievement in the forthcoming season, as per Forza Italian Football editorial manager Conor Clancy.

Thomas Tuchel has made a dazzling showing since succeeding Frank Lampard as the west Londoners’ lead trainer.무료야동

Having driven the Blues into the Premier League top four in spite of supplanting Lampard with Chelsea off the speed, the German then, at that point proceeded to direct his new club to the subsequent Champions League win in their set of experiences as they defeated Premier League rivals Manchester City in the May last.

Serie A master Clancy trusts Tuchel should support his crew by inviting individual compatriot Gosens to Stamford Bridge.

The Atalanta left-back scored 12 objectives and added eight helps as he exhibited his assaulting abilities in 44 appearances last term.

Gosens then, at that point proceeded to sparkle at Euro 2020, where he scored once and recorded two helps for Germany.

His exhibitions on the worldwide stage, just as in Serie A, has prompted a lot of interest. Game has detailed Barcelona, Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan and Manchester City are totally keen on gaining Gosens’ administrations, yet Clancy feels Chelsea ought to be among those hoping to sign the 27-year-old.

He told TIF: “I’m astounded that Chelsea haven’t made a major push for him, frankly, on the grounds that he is superior to Ben Chilwell and their different choices.”

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