Song Ji Hyo Bewitches Viewers With Transformation Into Modern-Day Witch For “The Witch’s Diner”

Tune Ji Hyo has made an eye-getting change for her new TVING show “The Witch’s Diner”!

In view of a novel by Goo Sang Hee, “The Witch’s Diner” is a dim dream show about a witch eatery that sells food that awards wishes in return for the clients’ spirits. Melody Ji Hyo stars as Jo Hee Ra, the eatery’s proprietor and witch, and Nam Ji Hyun stars as her colleague Jin. Chae Jong Hyeop plays Gil Yong, who is the eatery’s low maintenance worker.드라마다시보기

Rather than her standard adorable and delicate appearance, Song Ji Hyo handily takes on her new job of a witch by making a secretive climate with her appealling look and low-pitched voice. Maybe than recounting an account of just characterizing great and detestable, the show takes on a more current take by investigating the narrative of a witch living in the midst of the city.

The presence of the witch Jo Hee Ra denotes the launch of the café just as the beginning of the show, which Song Ji Hyo figures out how to lead well at the middle. With the right now delivered scenes, the entertainer has been enthralling watchers universally with her appealing and novel witch character.

Having needed to take on different classes and extend to various fields, Song Ji Hyo prevails with regards to doing as such with her new dramatization, which airs through an OTT stage. Watchers are likewise anticipating getting familiar with Song Ji Hyo’s person top to bottom through the impending scenes.

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