BTS, Lee Min Ho, ‘Crash Landing On You,’ ‘Parasite’ Top Hallyu Survey

The Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange (KOFICE) distributed the 2021 Global Hallyu Trends dependent on the 2021 Overseas Korean Wave Survey and 2020 Korean Wave Economic Impact Study covering 8,500 respondents from 18 nations.

For Korean artists, BTS arose as the No. 1 decision in 2020 with 22 percent, the third consecutive year that they beat the study. This is an increment from 15.2 percent (ahead of everyone else) in 2019 and 10.3 percent (in front of the pack) in 2018.

BLACKPINK set second in 2020 with 13.5 percent, up from their runner up finish in 2019 of 6.5 percent.성인용품

The two gatherings were trailed by Psy with 2.9 percent, TWICE with 2.4 percent and EXO with 2.1 percent.

In the 2019 review, BTS positioned first followed by BLACKPINK, Psy, TWICE and Big Bang. In 2018, BTS started things out followed by Psy, BLACKPINK, Big Bang and EXO.

Then again, “The King: Eternal Monarch” star Lee Min Ho was casted a ballot again as the No. 1 most loved Korean star with 9.6 percent followed by “Crash Landing on You” star Hyun Bin, 3.5 percent; Gong Yoo, 2.3 percent; Song Hye-kyo, 2.3 percent; and Lee Jong-suk, 2.1 percent.

In 2019, casted a ballot top stars were Lee Min Ho, 7.6 percent; Song Hye-kyo, 3.4 percent; Song Joong-ki, 1.9 percent; Gong Yoo, 1.8 percent; Suzy, 1.7 percent; and Lee Jong-suk, 1.7 percent.

For most loved Korean shows, “Crash Landing on You” featuring couple Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin arose as the No. 1 decision with 9.5 percent while “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” featuring Kim Soo-hyun and Seo Ye-ji set second with 4.1 percent.

“The World of the Married” featuring Kim Hee-ae, Park Hae-joon and Han So-hee came in third spot with 2.8 percent followed by “Itaewon Class” with 2.8 percent and “Realm” with 2.5 percent.

For most loved Korean motion pictures, “Parasite” defeated all comers with 18.4 percent followed via “Train to Busan,” 10.2 percent; “Promontory,” 3.5 percent; “#ALIVE,” 2.1 percent; and “Time to Hunt,” 1.6 percent.

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