BLACKPINK’s Jennie Makes Her First Post On Weverse, Sends Fans Into Frenzy

BLACKPINK’s worldwide reach doesn’t appear to stop any time soon, with the making of a local area on the famous fan-craftsman association stage Weverse, with Jennie remembering the occasion!

Weverse is an online stage utilized by fans to formally speak with craftsmen who have an authority local area on the stage. The application was created by HYBE Corporation (recently known as BigHit Entertainment). A couple of the specialists as of now on the gathering are BTS, TXT, Treasure, CL, and NU’EST.

After Jennie’s post, it appeared to have annoyed a few group because of what is being alluded to as a “glitch” on Weverse’s part.드라마다시보기

Halfway through July, BLACKPINK’s amusement mark YG reported that the young ladies would join Weverse on August second.

Today, a unique video was posted including all the BLACKPINK individuals, reporting that they’d formally be utilizing the stage from this point forward.

BLACKPINK fans were glad to see the news and surprisingly more joyful after Jennie set a few posts on the stage, conversing with different fans and sharing a couple of pictures of herself.

Promptly, Jennie started moving on Twitter, and fans overflowed the site with messages of consolation and fervor in the wake of seeing her posts.

Before long, be that as it may, inconvenience started to mix in heaven. Apparently, Weverse conveyed warnings of Jennie’s presents on the individuals who hadn’t joined the BLACKPINK people group inside the application yet, making blended responses.

While many were essentially befuddled, a few fans started to communicate outrage at the “glitch” (as some alluded to it). Others coordinated outrage towards Jennie, and a couple were glad to see another craftsman join the steadily developing stage.

Flickers (devotees of BLACKPINK) didn’t skirt a beat and promptly moved forward to protect Jennie from the negative consideration she was unintentionally getting.

BLACKPINK is additionally present on the fan cooperation stage Daum Cafe, just as Weibo. They have their Instagram accounts also and a joint Twitter account.

Following Jennie’s post, Blinks are wanting to see the remainder of the BLACKPINK individuals join her in posting on the stage too.

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