Becky G’s Treslúce Celebrates Her Mexican Heritage And Latinx Diversity

Any devotee of Becky G’s knows she’s the same amount of a stunner professional as she is a music craftsman.

The “Fulanito” artist, who began doing her own cosmetics right off the bat in her profession, turned into the most youthful CoverGirl brand represetative at age 15 back in 2013. In 2019, she had her first coordinated effort with ColourPop, and it was then that we understood that it wouldn’t have been long until she dispatched her own special excellence brand. Thus, on June 25, Becky G formally dropped her new Latinx-enlivened brand: Treslúce Beauty, a tribute to her Mexican-American legacy and her adored Latinx people group.사이트순위

With new magnificence brands dispatching left and right nowadays, it’s not difficult to expect that Treslúce Beauty is simply one more superstar corrective line. Yet, actually, this brand is a lot more.

Everything from the brand name to the bundling, the shadings, the craftsmanship, and surprisingly the shade names were all purposefully picked to take advantage of Becky’s Mexican roots, and genuinely address the variety that exists inside Latinidad.

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Recently and in front of the line’s delivery, we joined a Zoom call with Becky where she shared her motivation behind the brand.

She additionally clarified how the name Treslúce, comes from the words Tres, which implies three in Spanish and luce, which comes from the word lucir: to flaunt or to sparkle. It’s a word that is normal used to praise the manner in which somebody looks.

Incidentally, the number three isn’t just the artist’s #1 number, but at the same time it’s a profound number that addresses the association between the whole self. Furthermore, Becky was extremely purposeful about having the bundling come in “talavera blue,” regarding the talavera tiles utilized in Mexican style — in addition to the items are imbued with Mexican blue agave reasonably sourced from Jalisco, Mexico, where her grandparents are from.

So we should get into the particulars of the assortment, will we?

Story proceeds

The I Am Palette incorporates rich and profoundly pigmented shadows that are each named after a portion of Becky’s number one English and Spanish insistences including: I Am Divina, I Am Fuerte, I Am Vibrant, I Am Sol, I Am Hustle, I Am Happy, I Am Light, I Am Bella, I Am Mar, I Am Grateful, I Am Diosa, I Am Poderosa, I Am Unica, I Am Alma, I Am Unstoppable, I Am Passion, I Am Amor, and I Am Resilience. The clear outline on the range’s bundling was planned by Mexican craftsman Monica Loya, something the artist discloses to us we’ll be seeing significantly more of. The range, which retails at just $30 and is accessible on treslucebeauty.Com, additionally incorporates a removable memento reflect that is tucked inside alongside an individual letter from Becky herself.

Becky G


To shop: $30; treslucebeauty.Com

“I think now like never before I’ve truly been asking myself how might being Latina truly affect me? What is Latiniad? Since for certain individuals I’m not Latina enough and for others I’m too Latina,” the entertainer tells InStyle. “It’s an extremely close to home thing that I needed to share through my energy for cosmetics. Cosmetics is an individual and close insight for me. At the point when I’m glamming myself before a show, that is one-on-one time I have with myself. The excursion of self-disclosure continues to return to where I come from. It began with me and my affection letter to my legacy, which I believe was the ideal beginning stage. Yet, it’s anything but the end all, be all, which is the thing that’s truly energizing about Treslúce. Monica Loya is the principal Latinx craftsman, Mexicana craftsman that we are teaming up with on this assortment yet she’s certainly not the last.”

Despite the fact that Treslúce is a Latinx-roused brand and a tribute to her own story and Mexican legacy, Becky needs people to realize that everybody is free to utilize and appreciate the line.

The shades in the eyeshadow ranges are intended to deal with any and each skin tone, and the equivalent applies for the Intenso Liners, an assortment of remorselessness free and veggie lover agreeable gel shading pencils that arrive in a wide scope of lively tones from energía, a splendid fuschia pink to cómica, a work of art and generally complimenting red. Every liner gives a velvety, smirch safe definition that waits for quite a long time. In addition, they’re ophthalmologist-tried, so they will not bother even the most delicate waterlines.

Becky G


To shop: $12; treslucebeauty.Com

The Like an Artist Brush Set is the most exorbitant thing in this entirely reasonable excellence line, valuing at only $35 for each of the eight brushes. The eight superior grade and expert fiber brushes are planned with the equivalent flawless talavera blue we see all through the assortment.

Becky G


To shop: $35; treslucebeauty.Com

To praise the I Am Palette, Becky chose to likewise incorporate her Ilusión Premium Lashes, which are accessible in three dimensional styles: the 3D Sueño, 5D Fantasy, and the 6D Deseo, all intended to serve you with delicate, tasty lashes that can last up to 15 wears. There’s even the Mi Tesoro Lash Case, intended to securely and cautiously store your lashes, just as the Super Fácil implement, a double finished utensil that takes into account simple lash application.

Becky G


To shop: $12; treslucebeauty.Com

Becky G


To shop: $8; treslucebeauty.Com

Understanding that Latinxs are not a stone monument, her expectation is that the brand reverberates with people from different Latinx people group.

“To be Latina [is to understand], we as a whole appear to be unique — I’m a fair complexion Latina,” she shares. “You realize I have something reasonable some of the time in discovering the establishment that suits my skin tone, however that doesn’t contrast and my sisters of more obscure skin compositions — my Afro-Latina sisters and specialists that I’d love to team up with all through this brand. I need to make a stage for different craftsmen to have the option to share their romantic tale to their legacy. That was the aim of this initially uncover of what Treslúce will become one day.”

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