TV Presenter AJ Odudu Says Bruce Willis Behaved ‘appallingly’ During Interview

TV presenter AJ Odudu says Bruce Willis behaved 'appallingly' during  interview

The TV moderator asserted that the Die Hard star had their connection annihilated subsequent to protesting her during a film trip.

In the wake of beginning a discussion about gathering VIPs who ended up being “a major frustration” on ITV2 series Celebrity Karaoke Club, Odudu said: “I’ll disclose to all of you: Bruce Willis – totally horrifying.”

“I was talking with him in a press trip,” she proceeded: “They allow you three minutes, and they vet every one of your inquiries – he understands what’s coming.”

As indicated by Odudu, Willis “was fundamentally stayed there, going ‘next… next’ and got his marketing specialist to disclose to me the amount he despised me. Odudu says she was told she “was not permitted to leave the structure with the tape”.링크찾기

She then, at that point says she had the account of the meeting “tore up” before her, following which she was “banished from film trips for 90 days”.

The moderator said it happened toward the “starting” of her vocation, which was around 2009 when Willis featured in Surrogates..

AJ Odudu asserted Willis had their meeting annihilated (Getty Images)

The Independent has reached Willis for input.

In 2013, Willis was marked “discourteous” for seeming unengaged during an appearance on The One Show.

The entertainer, who was advancing continuation A Good Day to Die Hard, had to apologize and accused jetlag for his conduct.

Big name Karaoke Club is a reality series wherein stars should acquire fame by playing out the most engaging interpretations of popular tunes. It airs daily on ITV2 and finishes up on Saturday (10 July).

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