Couple Who Sold Estate To Bon Jovi Last Year Sells Another Palm Beach House

The couple who last year sold rocker Jon Bon Jovi their Palm Beach oceanfront house has left behind another North End home they possessed on La Puerta Way.

A deed recorded Wednesday shows the house at 218 La Puerta Way has changed hands for $10.34 million in an off-market bargain.주소찾기

Jeffrey and Nicola Marcus sold the house on La Puerta to Missouri business land designer Kevin R. Jones, the deed shows. With Bermuda-style engineering, the home has five rooms and 5,391 square feet of living space, all around.

Last July, the Marcuses sold, for a recorded $43 million, their coastline bequest at 1075 N. Sea Boulevard to an element related with Bon Jovi. The rocker’s organization all the while sold, for $19.847 million, the custom home he and his better half, Dorothea Hurley, had as of late finished on South Ocean Boulevard.

Instantly prior to selling their oceanfront house, the Marcuses paid a recorded $5.94 million for the recently assembled house they just left behind on La Puerta Way.

Jeffrey Marcus is resigned from Crestview Capital Partners, a private-value firm in New York City, where he had filled in as an accomplice and was the organization’s bad habit executive. His vocation traversed 50 years as a business person and financial backer in the media business. He likewise established and filled in as administrator and CEO of Marcus Cable, which was the country’s biggest secretly held satellite TV organization when it was sold in 1998.

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Jones is the establishing part and head of Jones Development, a business land organization in Kansas City, Missouri. Hitched to Nancy H. Jones, he possesses no other property in his name in Palm Beach County, an online inquiry showed.

The deed records Jones’ location in care of West Palm Beach lawyer Homer Marshman.

The house on La Puerta was one of two consecutive homes created on theory by land financial backer Mark Mashburn, who helped to establish Blackpoint Partners, a New York City business land and the board firm. Finished in 2019, the La Puerta Way house had never been lived in when the Marcuses got it in June 2020.

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Not long after the Bon Jovi deal, the Marcuses finalized a $16-million negotiation for a lakefront home on the contrary side of the island at 920 N. Lake Way. They purchased that eight-room, Palm Beach Regency-style house from Molly E. Ryan and her better half, medical care leader Patrick T. Ryan, property records show. The North Lake Way house is recorded as the Marcuses’ location on the deed just recorded for the deal on La Puerta Way.

Specialist Christian Angle of Christian Angle Real Estate took care of the two sides of the La Puerta Way bargain, he affirmed Thursday. He declined further remark.

Point additionally took care of the two sides of the deal when the Marcuses offered their home to Bon Jovi’s possession organization the previous summer. What’s more Angle addressed Bon Jovi and his significant other when they all the while sold their custom home at 230 S. Sea Boulevard to a trust connected to Robert Ira and Zina Posner. Douglas Ellliman Real Estate specialists Christopher Leavitt and Ashley McIntosh took care of the purchaser’s side of that arrangement.

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Specialist Suzanne Frisbie, who was then at Premier Estate Properties however today is with the Corcoran Group, taken care of the two sides of last year’s deal when the Marcuses purchased the house on La Puerta Way. She likewise represented the Marcuses and the Ryans in the arrangement on North Lake Way.

The house the Marcuses just sold was worked by Sabatello Construction of Florida to a plan by Palm Beach designer Pat Segraves of SKA Architect + Planner, records show.

Among the La Puerta Way house’s highlights are a blend living-and-lounge area, a library, a family room, an exceptional kitchen, a double carport, a pool and a generator, as per Frisbie’s past posting. The mid-block house possesses a ton estimating somewhat more than a quarter-section of land, about a half-mile north of the Palm Beach Country Club.

The house is like a contiguous one Mashburn created at 217 El Pueblo Way, which sold in March 2020 for about $6 million, property records show. That house is marginally bigger than the one on La Puerta Way. At the point when the El Pueblo Way house sold last year, Frisbie addressed Mashburn’s possession organization and the purchaser, a trust related with private-value expert Reeve Waud.

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