Han So Hee Reveals THIS Is The Reason Why She Signed I Know But

You may know and recall her as the other lady from The World Of The Married however Han So Hee is substantially more than that. The capable and delightful entertainer has highlighted in numerous shows including 100 Days My Prince and Abyss, and fans truly observed her astounding acting potential in The World Of The Married where she assumed the part of Yeo Da Kyung, a young lady who endures the side-effects of a separation.모든링크

Presently, Han So Hee is good to go to star in I Know But additionally called Nevertheless. Han So Hee plays Yoo Na Bi, a lady who doesn’t have faith in affection yet at the same time needs to date. Yoo Na Bi gives off an impression of being glad and upbeat, however where it counts she is crushed. Her beau undermines her and that changes her into a compulsive worker who is continually working away in the studio at school, acquiring the entertaining epithet of ‘the studio phantom’. Her brilliant grin disappears when she is in isolation as she channels her inward hurt and catastrophe in her craft.

Han So Hee uncovers that she is a major fanatic of the eponymous webtoon and the female hero, Yoo Na Bi. She trusts Yoo Na Bi is a reasonable character and her appeal is the manner in which she passes on profound feelings without truly standing up noisy. Han So Hee uncovered that she showed the part into her life and she is really appreciative for that. I Know But debuts on June 19 at 11 PM KST, i.E. 7:30 PM IST on JTBC.

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