U.S. To Send S. Korea Enough Janssen Doses For One Million People

South Korea will get somewhat more than 1,000,000 portions of Johnson and Johnson’s Covid immunization this coming week that is enought antibodies for 1,000,000 individuals as the J&J Janssen’s Covid antibody is a one-portion regimen.This following the first in-person highest point between Presidents Moon and U.S. President Biden a week ago where the U.S. President swore to supply shots for 550-thousand South Korean powers as well as producing an immunization partnership.Our Kim Dami has been following this story and goes along with us on the line.Dami, at that point this million portions would be generally twofold the sum that was promised by the U.S. Last week.So, will the 550-thousand South Korean powers get this Janssen shots and whoelse will be qualified for them?

Right, Connyoung. As guaranteed, the U.S. Will give South Korea immunizations the ones made by Janssen, an auxiliary of Johnson and Johnson.And truth be told, Korea will get practically twofold the measure of antibodies that Washington initially guaranteed.주소찾기

“Dosages of the Johnson and Johnson antibody, enough for 1,000,000 individuals will show up here this week. I might want to communicate my profound gratitude to the U.S. Government and President Biden who has shown such strength in the South Korea-U.S. Partnership.”

South Korean military airplane will bring the immunizations from the U.S. This week, and afterward they’ll be controlled to military staff matured 30 or more.

“Through exchanges between South Korea and the U.S., we have chosen to offer the chances to military staff who are 30 and more established, including our save powers and individuals from our common guard powers.”

Around 414-thousand military staff who are under 30 will get the Pfizer antibody next month.The wellbeing specialists highlighted the adequacy and security of the Jenssen immunization, noticing that it requires only one shot and is viable against infection variations, particularly the one from South Africa.To limit squander, the individuals who are qualified are unequivocally urged to make an arrangement for their dosages between June first and the 11th.The Jenssen immunization will be directed between June tenth and 20th.Another 6,000,000 portions of the Jenssen immunization will show up here in the country in the last 50% of the year.Plus, 55-thousand dosages of the Moderna antibody will be controlled to clinical laborers more youthful under 30 beginning in mid-June.

Presently, we should discuss what’s going on with the infection currently.What’s the day by day count of new cases in Korea? What number of immunizations did they do today, and what’s the most recent on the limitations?

South Korea today announced 400 80 new instances of COVID-19.This is the first run through in just about three weeks that there have been less than 500, however it ought to be noticed that there are less tests done on weekends.And the country’s immunization crusade is gathering pace.On Saturday, more than 170-thousand individuals got their first dose.That implies 10-and-a-half percent of the populace have gotten their first portion and more than four percent have gotten two doses.People are currently beginning to design summer get-aways, so nearby governments say they will completely open their sea shores in July.Until at that point, however, to forestall swarming, probably the most mainstream sea shores, as Haeundae Beach in Busan, will restrict the quantity of individuals they concede when they somewhat open this current Tuesday.That’s all I have for now.Back to you, Connyoung.

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