Start Up: Nam Joo Hyuk REVEALS He’s Been Learning Coding And Programming Jargon For Drama Co Starring Suzy

Nam Joo-hyuk is eager to act in a transitioning show once more, after quite a while, with Start-Up. For the unversed, the tvN dramatization likewise stars Suzy, Kim Seon-ho and Kang Han-na while it’s set in Sandbox, South Korea’s anecdotal Silicon Valley. We will see Joo-hyuk play Nam Do-san, Samsan Tech’s organizer. Do-san is a virtuoso developer and a striving business visionary.

In a meeting with Sports Dogan through Soompi, Joo-hyuk uncovered some intriguing insights concerning his character. The 26-year-old entertainer unveiled that Do-san’s unmistakable charms are “his guiltlessness, his hard working attitude, and his reluctance to surrender regardless of what individuals around him say.” While he feels that others may see Do-san as youthful and as somebody who doesn’t put forth any attempt to improve his life, Joo-hyuk counters that his character isn’t somebody who simply discusses buckling down. We will see him pursuing his fantasies in Start-Up.오피사이트

With regards to getting ready for his job in the forthcoming show, the Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo star admitted to Sports Dogan, “I’ve been picking up coding and programming language. I’m additionally giving cautious consideration to each part of the character, similar to the design things normally worn by designing understudies.”

We can hardly wait to be roused by Nam Do-san’s never stopped disposition!

It is safe to say that you are eager to see Nam Joo-hyuk as Nam Do-san in Start-Up? Offer your fervor with Pinkvilla in the remarks segment underneath.

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