Lezhae Zeona: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Police in New Jersey have given a capture warrant for rapper Fetty Wap after they say he threatened to “f**k up” the mother of his youngster. The episode (above) was recorded by Wap’s babymama, Lezhae Zeona. She’s appeared in the video waving an immense blade at Wap while he hollers at her from the road. 링크모음 

This is what you need to think about the mother of Wap’s kid: 

1. Wap Is Accused of Making Terroristic Threats to Zeona 

On Halloween night, Wap tweeted “Day’s end I ain’t see my girl In a month so yea I was disturbed , S**t happens when ppl wanna be celebrated.” Media Takeout reports that Wap is confronting a charge of conveying terroristic intimidations from the Passaic Police Department. The site says that the warrant is dated November 2 and adds that Wap’s fury originated from the above meet that Zeona gave on October 29. 

In July 2015, TMZ announced that Wap was needed for addressing in Paramus, New Jersey, after a man was attacked inside an odds and ends shop. 

2. She’s a Native of Compton 

Lezhae Zeona imagined on her Facebook page. 

As indicated by her Facebook page, Zeona is a local of Compton, California. She currently lives in Passaic, New Jersey. On his authority bio, Wap says he’s from close by Paterson, New Jersey. In a meeting with North Jersey, Wap acknowledged his old neighborhood for making him the man he is today. “Paterson transformed me into a man, and it transformed me into Fetty Wap. That is the reason I address Paterson to such an extent. On the off chance that you can’t acquire the help of the neighborhood, not going to have the option to get the help from no place else. At the point when you get love from Paterson, it’s genuine love,” he said. 

3. Wap’s Sister Called Out Zeona on Facebook 

Prior in October 2015, Wap’s sister, Divinity Maxwell took to her Facebook page to blame Zeona for not in any event, needing guardianship of the couple’s girl. Maxwell asserts that Zeona had said she would have gotten a fetus removal in the event that she thought she would have been a “single parent.” Zeona remarked on the tirade saying “You interesting as damnation on the off chance that you think you, your mom, or your sibling is taking my girl from me!” She likewise denied the early termination charge. The two at that point get into a to and fro, discrediting and making more charges against one another. In one case, Maxwell says that Zeona has a beau who has been in jail since 2013. 

You can peruse the full battle here: 

4. Wap’s Other Babymama Says the Rapper Is a Great Father 

Back in April 2015, the mother of Wap’s child, presented on Instagram on mention to the world what an extraordinary father Wap is. She expressed “This demonstrates that you don’t need to be with somebody to in any case have an incredible security a family 11years now an as yet going #greatparents#coparents#friends#family(why they gotta be yellow tho? Where the blended emoticon?” It had been accounted for that Wap’s breakout hit “Trap Queen” was expounded on Reese while the two were still attached. In a meeting with Vibe, Wap clarified the adoration he has for his child “The day I got marked, the principal thing I did was call my child. I got my child. I ain’t call my mom, I ain’t call no one else, I just called my child, crying. He ain’t have the foggiest idea about what’s happening, I was crying revealing to him that I love him. He thought something wasn’t right. He resembled, ‘What’s up?’ I resembled, ‘Nothing, I love you.'” 

5. Only Days Before the Arrest, Wap Signed an International Recording Deal With Sony 

Information on the capture warrant comes similarly as Fetty Wap marked an overall distributing manage Sony Music. As the agreement was inked Sony CEO Martin Bandier said “It is continually reviving when another craftsman goes ahead the scene with a lot of hits like Fetty Wap has, so we are excited that he has now chosen to turn out to be important for the Sony/ATV family. With an ability like his, there is no uncertainty he is both the man for now just as tomorrow.” His first collection, Fetty Wap, was delivered in September 2015 and appeared at No.1 in the Billboard outlines and graphed at No. 15 in the UK outlines. He’s the primary rapper to make a big appearance at No.1 since 2013.

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