Ariana Grande, Drake, Dua Lipa, Young Thug And Glass Animals: 5 Songs Making Moves On The Hot 100

thirteenth Annual Women In Music occasion at Pier 36 in New York City. – Bubblegum pop tease outwardly, sassy expert of big name within, there is maybe no current star better at parlaying her own preliminaries into overwhelming accomplishment than Ariana Grande. (Photograph by Angela Weiss/AFP) (Photo credit should peruse ANGELA WEISS/AFP by means of Getty Images)

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Youthful Thug is the ruler of the Hot 100 this week, as he fills eight spots on the count, with the majority of his present crushes coming from his most recent graph beating full-length. As the rapper administers, a few different stars arrive at new statures with their most recent cuts, and one of the greatest pop stars on earth returns as her new single dispatches.웹툰사이트

Here’s a gander at five of the main proceeds onward the current week’s Hot 100 singles graph.

No. 12 – Young Thug, Young Stoner Life And Gunna – “Strong (ft. Drake)”

As Young Thug and his Young Stoner Life aggregate introduction their new collection Slime Language 2 at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, seven tunes from the venture arrive at the Hot 100. Each of them seven credit Gunna, who is named on the collection also.

Joining Young Thug, Gunna and the whole YSL group in their scope of the Hot 100 this week are individual hip-bounce stars like Drake, Travis Scott and numerous others, with a small bunch of artists hitting the graph interestingly.

No. 20 – Giveon – “Shock Anniversary”

Effectively a colossal worldwide hit, Giveon’s “Disaster Anniversary” proceeds with its climb in the U.S. This week, ascending to another high of No. 20. As his underlying breakout crush all alone has been climbing the Hot 100, Giveon scored his first-historically speaking No. 1 crush on the count as an included follow up on Justin Bieber’s “Peaches,” which appeared on the rundown a brief timeframe back.

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No. 38 – Dua Lipa – “We’re Good”

Delivered as the most recent single from the extended version of Dua Lipa’s sophomore collection Future Nostalgia (named Future Nostalgia: The Moonlight Edition), “We’re Good” has been lifting gradually on the Hot 100 as of late. This edge, it ventures up to No. 38, entering the main 40 interestingly. The track is currently the pop artist’s 6th top 40 crush in the U.S. Also, her fourth from her second full-length.

No. 39 – Glass Animals – “Warmth Waves”

Elective band Glass Animals have scored a vocation characterizing crush with “Warmth Waves,” which is as yet warming up on various Billboard graphs. This edge, it improves to No. 39, breaking into the best 40. The tune is currently the first from the gathering to enter that significant field on the rundown.

No. 81 – Ariana Grande – “POV”

The third authority single from Grande’s most recent collection Positions, “POV” initially arrived at the Hot 100 when the full-length previously showed up, however it’s been absent from the positioning from that point forward. Presently, as it gets legitimate advancement through radio and different channels, the track gets back to the rundown at No. 81, and it will probably ascend in the coming casings.

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