NBA Mock Draft: Who Could The Thunder Take?

ESPN’s Jonathan Givony and Mike Schmitz are two of the best in the business with regards to assessing ability. A week ago they delivered their most recent fake draft, which lays the basis for how the 2021 NBA Draft could unfurl.

While it’s as yet muddled where Oklahoma City’s initially round picks will fall, it’s actually fascinating to see where these possibilities sit in every level of the draft. While the folks in the main five appeared to be secured in that range, there could be a lot of inconstancy the rest of the draft.먹튀검증사이트

With the 2021 NBA Draft Lottery occurring on June 22, the Thunder could wind up with two top-five picks, zero top-five picks, or anyplace in the middle. In any case, how about we investigate the lottery (picks 1-13) inside ESPN’s new false draft and who is projected to be taken close to the Thunder’s likely picks.

2021 NBA Mock Draft



  1. MIN

Cade Cunningham

Oklahoma State

  1. HOU

Evan Mobley


  1. DET

Jalen Suggs


  1. ORL

Jalen Green

G League Ignite

  1. CLE

Jonathan Kuminga

G League Ignite

  1. OKC

Keon Johnson


  1. WAS

Davion Mitchell


  1. ORL (by means of CHI)

Jalen Johnson


  1. SAC

Franz Wagner


  1. NYK

Scottie Barnes

Florida State

  1. Peak

Isaiah Jackson


  1. SAS

Corey Kispert


  1. NOP

Cameron Thomas


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Following OKC’s probably draft picks

Presently on a 11-game losing streak, the Oklahoma City Thunder are 20-38 and have the fifth most exceedingly awful record in the NBA with 14 games remaining. In quite possibly the most gifted classes in the previous few years, they will have a genuine possibility at any rate one player who will be a drawn out starter, or maybe establishment evolving ability.

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