NBA: One New Player Tested Positive For Coronavirus In Last Week

Jon Jones has UFC meeting more than Francis Ngannou; $8 to $10 million won’t cut it

Expectation for a blockbuster coordinate between previous UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and recently stamped heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou was off the diagrams before it was ever actually a chance. Since it very well may be going on, it showed up UFC president Dana White put down the fervor. Or then again did he? 오피사이트 We’re before long going to discover, as Jones as of late conceded in a tempest of tweets that he is chatting with UFC metal about causing the battle to occur notwithstanding he and White’s public conflict of words. After Ngannou took the belt from Stipe Miocic at UFC 260 on Saturday night, everybody anticipated a fast, Ngannou versus Jones is straightaway. That didn’t occur. All things considered, Jones tweeted out, “Show me the cash.” White at that point reacted by intimating that Jones didn’t actually need the battle, that he ought to be frightened to battle Ngannou following his awesome presentation against Miocic. Was Jon Jones and Dana White’s conflict of words basically posing for dealings? Regardless of their nastiness, it is beginning to look increasingly more like Jones and White are basically arranging the session through media and web-based media, actually like Daniel Cormier said as of late. This is a battle that everybody, including the UFC’s Joe Rogan, is calling a once in a blue moon opportunity. The potential for this battle is that it very well may be greater than some other in UFC history, including Conor McGregor’s session inverse Khabib Nurmagomedov. With such a huge amount on the line, Jones would not like to battle the session for a standard agreement. This battle could establish precedents and he needs a slice of that pie. In a tempest of tweets on Wednesday, Jones said that he had been talking with UFC metal (not Dana White) and let them realize that a $8 to $10 million payday would not have been adequate for an episode of this size. “I had a concise telephone meeting with UFC’s attorney Hunter a couple of days prior. As of right now I communicated to him that anyplace around eight to $10 million would be excessively low for a battle of this greatness. That is all that has been talked about up until now,” Jones composed. “I should be hanging tight for what their offer will be. Truly trusting the numbers are not even close to that low. I surmise we will perceive what occurs.” Jones in any event set fairly a bar for the UFC to return with something that may be worthy to the man that many consider to be the best contender ever. If they do stays not yet clear. Jones and Dana White Excitement is as yet working for Jon Jones versus Francis Ngannou The battle is actually all anybody has been discussing since Ngannou won the belt. Discuss a Miocic rematch went promptly out the window. White coasted Derrick Lewis’ name as the battle to make, however that was certainly as much posing on his part. Indeed, even with Nate Diaz expected to return inverse Leon Edwards at UFC 262, savants and fans the same are sitting tight eagerly for improvements on the Jones versus Ngannou session, and Jones knows it. “One thing I’m certain of, I’ve never had a greater number of individuals eager to see A battle than they are currently, I in a real sense can’t stroll to my letter drop without somebody getting some information about the battle.” But will the UFC show him the cash?

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