10 Great Premier League Goalscorers

Here, the PA news organization investigates the best 10.

Alan Shearer (260 objectives, 441 appearances)

Previous Blackburn and Newcastle striker Alan Shearer is the unequaled Premier League record goalscorer (Owen Humphreys/PA)

Shearer was the best English striker of his age and the heaviness of objectives at club level justified itself, scoring 30 or more association objectives in three progressive seasons for Blackburn as he terminated the club to their lone Premier League title in 1995, with 10 years at old neighborhood club Newcastle making him a nearby legend. Shearer won three Golden Boots for being the group’s top scorer.

Wayne Rooney (208/491)링크사이트

Notwithstanding scoring in excess of 200 objectives, Wayne Rooney always lost a Golden Boot (Martin Rickett/PA)

Rooney always lost the Premier League Golden Boot however reliably conveyed in a prize loaded spell with Manchester United. The previous England striker just twice scored more than 16 out of a season (26 out of 2009-10 and 27 2011-12) yet arrived at twofold figures in 11 of 13 seasons at Old Trafford.

Andrew Cole (187/414)

Andy Cole was a reliable goalscorer for Manchester United (John Giles/PA)

Cole’s Premier League debut season with Newcastle saw him score 34 of every 40 games for his single Golden Boot and keeping in mind that he never hit those statures again with Manchester United, he held the skill of reliably contributing by arriving at twofold figures in eight of his 17 seasons with seven clubs.

Sergio Aguero (181/271)

Aguero is one of the best advanced focus advances with his strike pace of 0.6 objectives per game far better than everything except Thierry Henry and contemporary Harry Kane (however just partially) among the unsurpassed driving goalscorers. Before this season his most exceedingly terrible mission was a year ago, when he was hampered by a knee injury which in the end required a medical procedure, when he scored 16 of every 24 games. In six of his past nine seasons he scored 20 or more objectives, winning one Golden Boot in 2014-15.

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Forthright Lampard (177/609)

Honest Lampard is the just midfielder to make the Premier League’s untouched top-10 goalscorers (Matthew Impey/PA)

The just midfielder to make it into the Premier League’s best 17 unsurpassed goalscorers, Lampard is on the rundown because of his life span and consistency. For 11 successive seasons with Chelsea from 2003-04 Lampard arrived at twofold figures, cresting at 22 in the club’s alliance winning period of 2009-10.

Thierry Henry (175/258)

A four-time Golden Boot victor in eight full seasons with Arsenal is a marvelous return, overseeing twofold figures in each with at least 24 – up to a great 30 of every 37 appearances – enlisted in five progressive missions from 2001-02. Not a punishment region hunter like Shearer, Cole or Aguero however a productive scorer of some splendid objectives.

Robbie Fowler (163/379)

Robbie Fowler was the best characteristic finisher of his age (Malcolm Croft/PA)

Promoted as the most characteristic finisher of his age, Fowler inconceivably always lost the Golden Boot notwithstanding scoring 28 of every 38 appearances in the 1995-96 season at his Liverpool top. He accomplished twofold figures in six of his initial nine Premier League seasons (eight at Anfield, one at Leeds) and scored 11 of every 32 for Manchester City in 2004-05 in spite of his profession beginning to tail off.

Jermain Defoe (162/496)

Jermain Defoe arrived at twofold figures in nine Premier League seasons (David Davies/PA)

Defoe never scored more than 18 in any of his 19 Premier League seasons for five distinct clubs however arrived at twofold figures multiple times. He scored 15 in consecutive seasons for Sunderland somewhere in the range of 2015 and 2017.

Harry Kane (160/237)

Since building up himself as Tottenham’s best option striker, Kane has not scored less than 17 objectives in a season and that has acquired him consecutive Golden Boots in 2016 and 2017. He scored 30 of every 37 in the 2017-18 mission however was pipped by the relentless Mo Salah that season yet is as of now on target to break 20 without precedent for a very long time.

Michael Owen (150/326)

Michael Owen’s speed threatened safeguards (Phil Noble/PA)

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